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REVIEW: Avey Tare – ‘Eucalyptus’ (Domino)

In ‘Eucalyptus’, Animal Collective’s Avey Tare finally delivers a solo album worthy of his status in one of the 21st century’s most important groups.

REVIEW: (Sandy) Alex G – ‘Rocket’ (Domino)

Frank Ocean collaborator (Sandy) Alex G further proves himself to be one of the more unique songwriters in contemporary indie music.

REVIEW: Joe Goddard – ‘Electric Lines’ (Domino)

Joe Goddard, of British dance legends Hot Chip, goes solo with a competent, club-ready album in ‘Electric Lines’.

REVIEW: Dirty Projectors – ‘Dirty Projectors’ (Domino)

After five years of silence, David Longstreth delivers a break-up album of rare insight and unpretentious, interesting execution.

REVIEW: The Last Shadow Puppets – ‘The Dream Synopsis’ EP (Domino)

An insightful selection of brilliantly executed cover versions sits nicely alongside live tracks on this excellent companion piece to TLSP’s ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’.

REVIEW: Wild Beasts – ‘Boy King’ (Domino)

by Ed Biggs Five albums and nearly ten years into their career without making a single mis-step in artistic terms, Wild Beasts are one of the most trusted musical brand in Britain today. Having dazzled critics and won over new fans with their second and third albums, Two Dancers (2009) and Smother (2011), characterised by sensual, ambient guitar pop and smutty, self-effacing vocals and lyrics. 2014’s Present Tense pitched their sound

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REVIEW: Blood Orange – ‘Freetown Sound’ (Domino)

by Ollie Rankine Although a significant degree of social progress has been achieved since the mid-20th century civil rights movement for black Americans, 2016 still bears witness to countless acts of unthinkable and unthinking prejudice and discrimination. It seems fitting that Devonté Hynes’ racially charged third record under the name Blood Orange follows up his 2015 track, ‘Do You See My Skin Through The Flames’, which was incidentally released during the height

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REVIEW: The Kills – ‘Ash & Ice’ (Domino)

by Ollie Rankine It was sometime after the release of their 2011 album Blood Pressures that The Kills guitarist, Jamie Hince, slammed his hand in a car door which consequently rendered one of his fingers totally useless. Although Hince has undergone five operations in an attempt to return the use of such an essential tool of playing music, the severity of his injury has forced a total shakeup in his guitar

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REVIEW: White Lung – ‘Paradise’ (Domino)

by Ollie Rankine White Lung frontwoman Mish Way is fast becoming the driving force behind girl power in modern punk rock. Having been greatly influenced by ‘90s punk icon Courtney Love, Way is practically her purified artistic reincarnation, retaining Love’s wit and articulation but ditching the drama and controversy. Churning out four studio albums since White Lung’s formation in 2006, Way’s fondness for fast-paced fury has been obviously apparent from the

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