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REVIEW: The National – ‘Sleep Well Beast’ (4AD)

Sleep Well Beast represents a change in the sound of the band, but, fundamentally, is a record which makes sense in their discography, but that isn’t to say that it isn’t one of the most well-crafted and interesting listens of 2017.

REVIEW: Daughter – ‘Music From Before The Storm’ (4AD)

Following two decent albums of sumptuous, dreamy indie-rock, Daughter’s next move is to provide the soundtrack to a video game.

REVIEW: Pixx – ‘The Age Of Anxiety’ (4AD)

Hannah Rodgers’ debut album under her recording moniker Pixx promises a fantastic future.

REVIEW: Future Islands – ‘The Far Field’ (4AD)

After their resounding success in 2014, Future Islands make the art of the ‘difficult follow-up’ album look incredibly easy with ‘The Far Field’.

REVIEW: SOHN – ‘Rennen’ (4AD)

While the production quality and ambition is high throughout ‘Rennen’, Christopher Taylor fails to showcase anything particularly interesting that we have not heard elsewhere, and done better.

REVIEW: The Lemon Twigs – ‘Do Hollywood’ (4AD)

‘Do Hollywood’ hints at something very exciting to come, if The Lemon Twigs can separate their own personalities from the musical character studies they’ve so expertly got nailed down.

REVIEW: D.D Dumbo – ‘Utopia Defeated’ (4AD)

Recorded in London, ‘Utopia Defeated’ is a well-travelled record that borrows from many palettes to paint a splendid picture.

REVIEW: Merchandise – ‘A Corpse Wired For Sound’ (4AD)

Merchandise’s Anglophile influences are still very much apparent on ‘A Corpse Wired For Sound’, but it’s a stepping stone towards something greater.

REVIEW: Scott Walker – ‘The Childhood Of A Leader’ OST (4AD)

by Ed Biggs Having recorded some of the most resolutely imposing and challenging music of the last two decades, Scott Walker has gone from poster boy pin-up from his days in The Walker Brothers at the end of the ‘60s to one of the most respected experimental artists in the business in an impressive and unlikely career arc that’s lasted over half a century.

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