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PLAYLIST: Indie Sunday

A playlist of indie and folk classics and downbeat electronica to soundtrack the ups and downs of the best day of the week.

PLAYLIST: An Introduction to Factory Records

A Spotify playlist and introduction to the legendary Manchester-based indie label Factory Records.

PLAYLIST: July 2017

All the best new music from the month of July 2017!

PLAYLIST: June 2017

All the best new music released in June 2017!

PLAYLIST: May 2017

All of The Student Playlist’s favourite new music released in May 2017!

PLAYLIST: April 2017

All the best new music released in April 2017, plus a Spotify playlist.

PLAYLIST: March 2017

A summary of all the best new music released in March 2017, plus a Spotify playlist!

PLAYLIST: February 2017

All the new music highlights from February 2017!

PLAYLIST: January 2017

Twelve musical highlights from January 2017!

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