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REVIEW: Charlotte Gainsbourg – ‘Rest’ (Because)

‘Rest’ isn’t an unmitigated success and there are times where the experimentation misses the mark, but, on album five, Charlotte Gainsbourg sounds as free as ever.

REVIEW: Shamir – ‘Revelations’ (Father/Daughter Records)

‘Revelations” tumultuous beginnings represent a triumph of sorts for Shamir, with its renewed lo-fi noise challenging the listeners to enter the uncomfortable world that Shamir inhabits. However, that doesn’t excuse poor songwriting and delivery to which it is painful to listen.

PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, 4th-10th November

The best gigs of the week coming up in Leeds – including Shopping, Gordi and a Kagoule / Catholic Action double-header!

REVIEW: Fever Ray – ‘Plunge’ (Rabid / Mute)

Karin Dreijer’s second Fever Ray album ‘Plunge’ is a lot more expansive and pop-orientated than its 2009 predecessor, but retains all the elements that made The Knife so compelling.


We caught up with British electronica producer Matthew Barnes, aka. Forest Swords, on his current UK tour.


We caught up with indie-folk duo Meadowlark before their show at The Wardrobe in Leeds.

PREVIEW: Gigs of the Week in Leeds, 7th-13th October

Our pick of the best live music in Leeds going on this week – 7th-13th October – including Sivu, Fakear and the Marsden Jazz Festival.

REVIEW: Four Tet – ‘New Energy’ (Text Records)

Kieran Hebden’s ninth Four Tet album ‘New Energy’ sees him look to his own past for inspiration, leading to a terrific and accessible experience.

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