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CLASSIC ’00s: Justice – ‘”Cross”‘

Justice’s debut album “Cross” was one of the defining dance records of the 2000s, influencing a decade’s worth of subsequent EDM and pop.

CULT ’80s: Nirvana – ‘Bleach’

‘Bleach’ is a snapshot of a band totally unaware of, and not even seeking, the massive and destructive fame that would come their way just two years later.

REVIEW: Saint Etienne – ‘Home Counties’ (Heavenly / Casablanca)

With their ninth album ‘Home Counties’, Saint Etienne deliver a paean to their suburban childhoods that’s occasionally barbed but always beautiful.

PLAYLIST: May 2017

All of The Student Playlist’s favourite new music released in May 2017!

REVIEW: The Charlatans – ‘Different Days’ (BMG)

For their 13th album ‘Different Days’, The Charlatans raid their contacts list to help them produce their best album in two decades.